You need to review your governance and compliance needs in relation to stakeholder requirements and external regulatory environment.  The organisation should plan and implement the governance and compliance, to review internal processes for compliance and risk; monitor and evaluate external compliance changes for internal impact; develop processes for internal updates and track changes; validate and verify changes with authorisation; and communicate changes within the organisation.



Do you know what you are missing?

Do you know what you have?

Do you know what you could and should have?

An HR Audit involves an objective look at the company's HR policies, practices, procedures and strategies to protect the company, establish best practice and identify opportunities for improvement.  It is an objective review of the company's 'current state' can help you evaluate whether specific practice areas are adequate, legal and/or effective.  The results can provide decision-makers with the information necessary to decide what areas need improvement.


Whether you have a new or existing business, small or large, we understand what it takes to get the right business policies in place on a no hassle, low cost basis.  Backed by one of Australia's foremost legal groups we can make this vital area of your business an easy one stop process for you and your team.

Tailored to your unique business requirements, our policies provide your businesses; managers and staff with clear and accurate information while ensuring you comply with all current legal requirements. 

Policies can be purchased individually or in packs.

In addition to our policies, we also have HR Templates that can be customised for your business.  Once again backed by one of Australia's foremost legal groups, these templates provide you with all your HR administrative needs, saving you time and ensuring compliance:

Employment Contracts

Job Descriptions

HR Forms

HR Correspondence

HR Checklists

Staff induction activities are designed to provide new starters with the information they need, as well as getting them up to speed on how the organisation works.

Induction processes are vital to ensuring that new staff are productive as quickly as possible, and should play a key role in knowledge management initiatives.

Despite this, most organisations have inadequate or ad-hoc staff induction processes, with many relying solely on staff just 'working it out as they go'.

What is your induction process like?

Do you reorient your staff to your organisation, policies and procedures every 12 months? If not, is this a risk to your business?


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